Community and Business Stability

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of long-term job growth in Jefferson County. Unfortunately, throughout the COVID Pandemic, our Jeffco business community has been decimated by onerous and ever-changing county regulations that forced many businesses to lay off employees or close their doors for good. From week to week our Jefferson County businesses were uncertain as too what new regulation was being implemented throwing their entire business into a state of uncertainty and stagnation. As a small business owner, Donald knows the difficulties of keeping a business going when regulations are constantly changing and as commissioner, he will implement policy to provide long term consistency and stability in regulatory implementation that individuals and businesses alike can plan on and rely on to make long term decisions.


Responsible Economics

As a common-sense fiscal conservative, Donald believes we must prioritize core county operations, streamline governmental operations, and eliminate those activities that were never intended to be activities of county government. No more government overreach.

Donald is a supporter of the Tax Payor’s Bill of Rights (Tabor) and feels that all citizens of Jefferson County should have the right to vote on any new taxes or increased tax rates. During the COVID Pandemic many of us were affected negatively financially, and now with inflation at a 40-year high, our bank accounts are taking a hit due to ever increasing costs of goods, services, and energy.

When Donald was sworn in as commissioner in 2011, Jefferson County was in the grips of the great recession and experiencing a $18m reduction on taxable revenues. Through the implementation of conservative principles and a deep dive into the county’s budget, Donald led the effort to realign county services, prioritized county needs, and funded critical operations all without raising taxes or increasing fees. It has been a difficult thing to watch the current democrat commissioners quickly erase the many positive strides that Donald fought to bring about for the betterment of Jefferson County. But what Donald did in 2011 through 2018 and he can do it again.


Protecting Individual Rights

Every day, our personal freedoms are under assault from multiple fronts as the government seeks to attain power for its own ends rather than serving its citizens. Policy makers and bureaucrats alike in State and Local government increase their involvement in the everyday lives of citizens through the creation of restrictive policies and unnecessary new regulations that slowly strip way at our individual rights.

One of the most fundamental requirements of our great Republic is a strong system of property rights.

Donald will put Jefferson County back on the right track by fighting against excessive intrusions and protecting our private property rights.


Fiscal Responsibility

As a professional engineer, business owner and former Commissioner, Donald has implemented budget reforms, prioritized funding needs, balanced budgets, and refinanced or retired long-term debt. Donald is committed to fiscal discipline, living within our means, and budgeting conservatively.

Safety and Security

Jefferson County is seeing an unprecedented crime wave that is impacting every aspect of our lives. Donald has a proven record of working with and supporting funding for law enforcement throughout Jeffco and will work to bring back funding for law enforcement activities. Returning Jeffco to a safe place to Live, Work, Learn, Worship, and Play.


Proven Leadership

When floods and fire struck Jefferson County, Donald stepped up to coordinate and lead the county’s response. Donald made sure that the citizens of Jefferson County received the support they needed from damage assessment, recovery assistance and implemented policy changes to mitigate future disasters. One of those changes was the creation of the Slash Collection and Processing programs. A public private partnership that brough convenient and cost-effective collection of wildfire material, slash, out of our high-risk areas throughout Jefferson County to be processes into mulch. This incredibly successful program showed how county government can effectively partner with local business to achieve great results that improve safety throughout our county.

Honesty, Integrity, and Vision

In my personal life, my professional life, and during my 2-terms as County Commissioner, I place Honesty, Integrity, and a Clear Vision of the tasks to be accomplished on the top of my list. As County Commissioner it will be my job once again to serve as the conduit between the many levels of county government and you, the residents of Jefferson County. I promise to conduct the office of County Commissioner with the Honesty, Integrity, and Long-Term Vision that residents of Jefferson County demand and deserve.